USA and Canadian Authorities Hunt for John Babikian
Here is the chart from the last time Awesome Penny Stocks / Victory Mark ran a scheme on PWEI. Looks exactly like the charts from their other schemes, below, doesn't it?

How well is management running Pacwest Equities - PWEI, APS' new but old scam?

The corporation is in default with the Nevada Secretary of State. This means that it does not even exist!

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This is a forum for those that have been victimized by Awesome Penny Stocks promotions.

On May 14, 2013, I announced my lawsuit against the publishers of the Awesome Penny Stocks newsletters as well as Victory Mark, the publishers of Select Penny Stocks, Preferred Penny Stocks and Penny Stock Heroes, for violations of spam laws.  Since then, I have received death threats, abusive emails and tweets, and threats of class action litigation.  I don't care.  The fraud must stop!

I have also been inundated with emails and phone calls of gratitude, some of which I am posting here.  You are welcome to submit your comments as well, but those who wish to be snide need not bother, as those comments will not appear. You must include your first initial and last name, as well as the city you live in.  Anonymous posts will not be displayed.